Classic Sweet Treats

*Bite-Sized Dark Chocolate Fudge ($10 per 1/2 dozen)

Ok.  Maybe two bites.  Made with high quality dark chocolate.  Enough said!  (Can be made plain, with peppermint or walnuts…or anything your heart desires.  Contact Georgie Girl Confections for special request pricing.)

*Brownie Bites ($10 per 1/2 dozen)       

A favorite of chocolate lovers, this bite-sized treat is guaranteed to have the best part of the brownie – the edges!

*Chocolate Chip ($12 per dozen)

I have played around with my chocolate chip cookie recipe for years, and I finally found the perfect one!  And who could resist chocolate!?  The consistency is between Soft-Batch and Chips Ahoy cookies.

Cupcakes ($3 each for vanilla and chocolate, $3.50 each for other flavors, min order 2 dozen)

Who doesn’t like cupcakes?  They are like a mini birthday cake.  I love taking off the wrapping ever so slowly and taking a bite of that frosting/cake mixture.  Examples of available flavors are vanilla, chocolate, brownie, red velvet, devil’s food, lemon, pumpkin, carrot, and banana.  Craving something else?  Email me, and I am sure I can create it for you.  If you’d like special decorations on your cupcakes, email me that, too, and we can discuss the additional fee.

White Cupcakes with Regular and Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting

French Macaroons ($2.50 each, min order 1 dozen)

This meringue-like sweet treat is simply delightful.  The perfect one must have the right texture – slightly crispy outside with a doughy center.  Even better is how many flavors they come in – chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio.  This list is endless.

Hazelnut French Macaroons

*Snickerdoodle ($12 per dozen)

A lightly sweet cookie with a hint of cinnamon.  My husband’s favorite.

Whoopie Pie ($24 per dozen)

Who could resist this soft cookie with a creamy center?  Available in flavors such as classic, S’mores, red velvet.  Have something else in mind?  Send me an email and we can work something out!

Pictured: S'more Whoopie with Classic Marshmallow and Creamy Ganache Fillings

*Indicates shippable outside Manhattan.


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