Everything…..including the Kitchen Sink

It’s amazing what happens in a kitchen and how new recipes come about. Recently, I was testing a new recipe for my cut-out cookies in hopes of making them thicker, less fragile and easier to work with.  I made a mistake with one of the key ingredients, but the dough tasted so good, that I did not want it to go to waste.  I decided to start going around my kitchen and adding in ingredients.  Some oats here, spices there, and nuts and chocolate to finish it off.  Of course, there are a few ingredients I will keep to myself, but you get the idea.  In the oven they went, and voila!  An amazing new cookie that I can’t wait for you to try……The Kitchen Sink Cookie ($12 per dozen).



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2 responses to “Everything…..including the Kitchen Sink

  1. Hilda

    They sound yummy! Would you say the overwhelming taste is nutty chocolate? or something else?

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